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Destruction Testing

Brunton Shaw can now offer Destruction Testing of your wire rope samples up to 500 Tonne (4900kN). A complete fast & efficient service can be offered with samples coned and tested to give a turn around to suit the customers needs.

Features include

  • — Computer controlled operation via touch screen monitor.
  • — Full Test Data collection with each Test completed.
  • — Displayed on screen Load v Time Graph which is printed on 'Certificate of Testing'.

Quality Assurance

  • — Calibrated by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to Class 1 level.
  • — 'Certificate of Testing' print out available with each sample.
  • — All test samples will be issued with a Brunton Shaw 'Certificate of Test of Wire Rope' & on request testing can be witnessed by an Independent 3rd party inspection authority (ITPIA) e.g. Lloyds Register, ABS.