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EMM offer World Class Products with World Wide Service the current range of products and services include:

  • — A full range of wire rope products including, Anchor lines, Drill lines, Work wires, tow wires Riser tensioners and crane wires.
  • — A full range of branded lifting and rigging products.
  • — On site services including rigging supervision and spooling services.
  • — The supply and rental of marine and mooring equipment including complete vessel packages.
  • — Statutory Inspections for lifting, marine and drilling equipment.
  • — Management, refurbishment and testing of marine and lifting equipment.

Wire Rope Products

  • — Anchor Lines. Mooring Extensions, Work Wires, Tow Wires, Chaser Pendants Tugger wires, Winch wires, Drill lines, Riser Tensioners,
  • — Crane pendants, Heavy duty slings, Multi and Single leg slings
  • — Flemish eye terminations all to LROS approval
  • — Talurit eye terminations all to LROS approval
  • — Socketing facilities all to LROS approval

Lifting and Rigging Products

  • — Stockists of a wide range of branded lifting and rigging equipment including Crosby,
  • — Diverse stock of lifting and rigging equipment available for sale or rental including

On Site Services

  • — Complete turnkey spooling operations including supervision, labour, cranage, transport and equipment.
  • — Wire rope inspections
  • — Supervision of vessel mobilisations and demobilisations.
  • — Mobile Rigging and testing facilities available on a world wide basis
  • — Offshore statutory inspection and testing

Marine and Mooring Equipment

  • — Hire and Sale of quality marine equipment such as anchors, buoys, fenders. Chain, shackles, kenters, swivels, chain connectors, hinge links, pelican hooks, carpenters stoppers, devils claws, grapnels, chasers,
  • — Hire and sale of complete mooring systems, mooring upgrades, towing systems etc to the supply of individual marine components.

Management, Refurbishment and Testing

  • — Asset management including the tracking, storing, maintenance, repair and testing of Client owned lifting and marine equipment.
  • — Brokering, purchase and buyback of surplus marine and lifting equipment.
  • — Test bed facilities up to 200 tonnes
  • — Mooring equipment inspection in accordance with Classification Society Rules

Destruction Testing

Brunton Shaw can now offer Destruction Testing of your wire rope samples up to 500 Tonne (4900kN). A complete fast & efficient service can be offered with samples coned and tested to give a turn around to suit the customers needs.

Features include

  • — Computer controlled operation via touch screen monitor.
  • — Full Test Data collection with each Test completed.
  • — Displayed on screen Load v Time Graph which is printed on 'Certificate of Testing'.

Quality Assurance

  • — Calibrated by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to Class 1 level.
  • — 'Certificate of Testing' print out available with each sample.
  • — All test samples will be issued with a Brunton Shaw 'Certificate of Test of Wire Rope' & on request testing can be witnessed by an Independent 3rd party inspection authority (ITPIA) e.g. Lloyds Register, ABS.


Brunton Shaw UK Rigging Department supplies lifting products and services to a number of markets including constuction, offshore, ports & shipping, steel industry, mining & car lifts.

The services provided are

  • — Socketing Capability up to 90mm ( 3.5" ) using either Resin or white metal.
  • — Swaging Machines from 50 tonne to 1500 tonne covering a range of Aluminium Ferrules from 1.5mm through to 56mm diameter.
  • — Flemish Eyes by Steel Ferrules up to 76mm (3" ).
  • — Swaged Terminations up to 38mm (1 1/2")
  • — Swaged Endstops ( Button stops) up to 64mm (2 1/2")
  • — Hand Splicing 6 & 8 strand including long splice ropes to 90mm ( 3.5" )
  • — Hand Splicing Multi Strand ropes up to 76mm (3")